Discovery Group

Building Closer Ties kids at nature preserve

Monthly Get-Togethers: You see the people in church and talk to them at coffee hour, but do you really know them? The best way to become more acquainted with the Dumbarton community is through Discovery Groups, which normally meet once a month.

Activities: Group events vary, but they often start off with a potluck dinner, followed by a discussion.  They'll be at member homes or, in the summer, occasionally at a swimming pool. Expect members to share personal experiences during the month and to bring up faith issues. Often a prayer or a reading is part of the program.  They generally meet on weekend evenings.

Individual Groups:  Northwest D.C./Bethesda.  Arlington/Alexandria.  Northern Virginia West.  And Silver Spring/Prince George's County/Northeast D.C.  Ask the church office (202-333-7212) for the coordinator of the group in your area.