What to Expect

Worship God with Us

Whether you're searching for a faith community, just passing through D.C. or have been attending for a while, we want you to feel at home and welcomed at Sunday worship. We are a very casual community that is creative in our worship services. Here are some things about worship at Dumbarton:

  • Style of Dress: We wear what we feel comfortable wearing. For most of us this ranges from casual office attire to T-shirts, shorts and sandals. Children often have art projects or physical activities, so they should dress appropriately to fully participate. Many of us do dress up at Easter.
  •  Inclusive Language: We believe the language we use in worship should actively include all of God's people, and we choose words for hymns, prayers, and other parts of the liturgy accordingly. We refer to God in neutral language, rather than "he."communion circle
  •  Communion. We celebrate the Eucharist twice a month (typically the first and third Sundays)and on special holy days by dipping our bread in the common cup, filled with grape juice, and standing, as we are able, in a circle around the table. Because this is the Lord's Table, all are welcome and invited.
  • Passing the Peace: Following an ancient custom, we are to greet each other by shaking hands and saying, "The Peace of God be with you." We respond by saying, "And with you" or "Amen," and then pass the peace to another.
  •  Liturgy: Both lay and clergy members of the congreation prepare Dumbarton's liturgy, using an assortment of resources. There is a great deal of variety and creativity in our service of worship. We follow the basic pattern the United Methodist Book of Worship to worship God "in spirit and in truth."
  • Joys and Concerns: Anyone may share at this time. We use hand-held microphones to allow people with difficulty hearing to fully participate.
  • Community Prayers: During these prayers, anyone may offer a brief prayer. People who are moved, respond to prayers with "Amen," which the congregation echoes, with "Amen."
  • Witness To The Word: Our church has been blessed with many gifts, one of which is having a variety of preachers and witnesses in our pulpit. Sermons communicate to a wide range of ages and stages of faith development.
  • children's storyChildren's Story: A normal part of our Sunday morning worship, children and some adults gather on the floor in the center of the sanctuary to hear the tales. 
  •  Lay Readers and Worship Leaders: Members of the congregation read scripture and lead parts of  worship service. Regular attendees may volunteer for roles in worship using the sign-up sheet in the Social Hall near the kitchen. We also provide guidelines to help make your worship experience a positive one.
  • We Like Music: We use the United Methodist Hymnal and/or The Faith We Sing songbook in most of our services. Many individual members contribute original music, prayers, songs, and other gifts to our worship service. Occasionally a group of guitarists leads the music. Otherwise, a pianist usually does. choir practice










  • And We Like Fellowship: Coffee hour is held after the service; we gather for fellowship and refreshments in the social hall. Join us to get acquainted or catch-up with people you know.