Reconciling: LGBT Justice

Where We Stand


As a reconciling congregation, Dumbarton welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people as visitors and members. In 1987, Dumbarton become one of the first churches in the Washington, D.C., area to become a reconciling congregation, linked to the Reconciling Ministries Network. Every year we reaffirm our calling to be a reconciling people.

Promoting Inclusion

Since 1984 Dumbarton members have published popular introductory books on sexuality and gender, including And God Loves Each One and Dios nos ama por igual (on sexual orientation), Made in God's Image (on gender diversity), and All God's Children (on talking with young children about sexuality and gender differences). All of these books may be purchased from Many Voices.

Special Events

Every year in February we observe Reconciling Sunday, a festive worship celebration, followed by a pancake breakfast (for Mardi Gras) in the social hall. Dumbarton also hosts a table at the D.C.'s Capital Pride Festival in June.

Marriage Equality

Dumbarton was the first United Methodist congregation in Washington, D.C, to pledge to honor and celebrate same-sex weddings after they were legalized by the District on March 3, 2010. The pastor and 12 other ordained clergy affiliated with Dumbarton are available to conduct same-sex weddings. "As a pastor, I am called to extend care and grace to all people even as Jesus did," says the Rev. Mary Kay Totty, Dumbarton's appointed pastor.

What Dumbarton Members Say

  • "The Reconciling Congregation is an island of hospitality for many people who, otherwise, find themselves unwelcome in the United Methodist Church."
  • "Having been members of a Reconciling Congregation, we can't imagine participating in one that is not Reconciling."
  • "It pleases us no end that our son is honest with himself, with us and with his world, and that he lovingly and graciously accepts and affirms who he is."
  • "Being part of a Reconciling Congregation allows me to serve Christ with honesty and dignity."
  • "There is so much trust, love, acceptance and positive energy in this congregation---we can't imagine worshipping anywhere else!"
  • "You can't be prejudiced against people you know."
  • "I've been excluding people without even knowing it. I'm so glad that all of that opened up for me."
  • "Several same-sex couples are some of the best parents we know."