Mission Trips

Viewing Social Justice First Hand

Dumbartonians at Palestine wall


Some of us at Dumbarton travel long distances to observe and often help people in difficult areas in this country and abroad. Most of the trips have lasted from a week to 10 days. Our youth also frequently learn about other cultures by helping people in need. Some of the trips our members have taken:

United States

2019: Washington state. Our youth traveled there to appreciate our environment and learned about preserving ndangered species. Youth from Washington state visited here the year before in an exchange proram.

2016: New York: Six folks went to a week-long workcamp at Henderson Settlement UM Mission in Frakes, NY.

2011: West Virginia: Eight youth and adults repaired and renovated houses in West Virginia during the summer.

2008 and 2010: Washington, D.C. We participated in Rebuilding Together DC to remodel homes of elderly residents in parts of the city.

Alvar crew2006: New Orleans. Participants worked with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild homes in the Ninth Ward.

1993: New Windsor, Md. A VIM group spent a day sorting clothing at the Brethren Center.

Latin America

2013: Nicaragua: Both adults and youth helped missionaries Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mariena on a trip to San Juan de Limay.

2010: Bahamas. A group spent a week building homes with the Methodist Habitat in Eleuthra.

2008: Honduras.  Youth and adults learned of the political situation and worked with Organization for Youth Empowerment, an orphanage/youth program started by two DUMC youth.


2005: Nicaragua. Three adults and eight youths painted a school and planted trees on a trip to San Juan de Limay.

2003: Nicaragua. Participants painted an elementary school and community center in San Juan de Limay.

1992: Nicaragua. Two members took additional supplies to Santa Marta/Valle Nuevo. Dumbarton became a Companion Community to Valle Nuevo. A DUMC student spent two monts living and working in Valle Nuevo.

1991: El Salvador. The group took medical supplies to Santa Marta to help establish a medical center.

1990; Nicaragua. A Volunteers In Mission (VIM) trip  with new pastor, Mary Kraus, went to conflict areas and established an ongoing relationship with the community of Santa Marta.

1989: Nicaragua. The new pastor, Man King Tso, was sent on a mission trip, which was cut short by Contra violence in Managua.

Middle East

Mike Beard with cross


2010: Palestine-Israel. A group met with peace advocates on all sides of the conflict and assisted Palestinian farmers with the olive harvest.

1992: Palestine, Israel and Jordan. A VIM trip included work at a local school for Palestinian children.