A Love Note to Dumbarton

Dear Dumbarton,

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

1. We love the warm welcome you provide to all who enter.

2. We love your passion for social justice.

3. We love that as an LGBT couple our love and our identities were not only accepted, but celebrated.

4. We love raising our voices in song with you.

5. We love that so many friends, surprised to find we were church goers, found their own spiritual home in Dumbarton.

6. We love the strong lay leadership.

7. We love your stand for peace.

8. We love the rich friendships and support we found in this community.

9. We love the name tags!

10. We love and miss you and hope to visit you again before too many more years pass.

Thank you for shining your light in this world.

--Jessica and Jay Pryor