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Easter Sunday at Dumbarton 2015

Bishop's Statement on Turmoil in Baltimore

Baltimore-Washington Conference>
This morning, I prayed with all my soul at St. Nicholas Lutheran Church in Leipzig, Germany, founded in 1165. It breaks my heart that I am not home, near Baltimore. I am currently in Germany for the Council of Bishop's meeting. The images unfolding on social media and from the news media that have come out of Baltimore are nothing short of heart-breaking. I saw photos of young children throwing rocks at police officers, cars being set on fire, indiscriminate looting, and hatred and hopelessness being played out on the city streets.

Was Somebody Asking to See the Soul?

"Nothing, not God, is greater to one than oneself is," wrote Walt Whitman. In verses like these Whitman dared to confront traditional views of spirituality. In the April 19 Adult Ed Dumbarton's Marianne Noble showed how the poet reframed what he saw as the misguided understanding of the soul and the body.
Noble told attentive listeners how Whitman's views differed from those of both the Calvinists and the Romantics. For the Calvinists, the soul was pure, the body impure. "They viewed the world as a site of corruption.  The Romantics venerated nature and rejected the view that the world was a trying-ground of temptation, though they insisted that body and soul were separate.

Bible Study

Mary Kay will offer a short-term Bible study on the Psalms on Thursday evenings, April 30, May 14, and May 21. We will gather at the church at 7:15 p.m. If you have a Bible, please bring it along. Everyone is welcome. Please notify the church office if you plan to attend so we can prepare the space.

Leaving Town for a Late-Spring Break

One of the highlights of Dumbarton's year is West River Weekend, a good way to leave the city for relaxation, worship and group discussion. Just an hour's drive from D.C., the retreat lets participants know each other better. The 2015 retreat is scheduled for May 29 through 31.

Friday Night Campfire

At the retreat, Just before the sun goes down, everyone gathers around an open pit not far from the water to sing, roast marshmallows and talk. As the sky darkens, people begin telling stories, some on the scary side.  Kids really love this event. Afterward, adults adjourn for one of "Mike's Marvelous Movies."

Children's Art at Dumbarton

Mary Kay's Easter Sermon

To hear a recording of the sermon, click here.

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